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How do I get my RadBeacon X4 into configurable mode?

The RadBeacon X4 beacon has several operating modes.

  • OFF - No advertisements are being transmitted. Your beacon is off.
  • ON - Proximity advertisements are being transmitted.
  • CONFIGURABLE - Beacon is discoverable and connectable by a valid configuration app like RadBeacon for iOS, Android or OS X.

Your beacon is shipped in the OFF mode.

When the batteries are in it will be in the ON mode and it will not exit the ON state until the batteries are removed or die.

Once you've inserted 2 of the 4 AA batteries (included) the device will start to FLASH GREEN. This indicates it's in the CONFIGURABLE state and you can find it in RadBeacon.

The CONFIGURABLE state will last about 10 minutes, if you ever need to restart that window for any reason, just push the blue button inside the case.

Using the RadBeacon app for iOS, Android or OS X, scan for configurable beacons and follow the instructions for selecting and configuring your beacon, which can be found at this link.


When you have finished configuring your beacon, you can exit CONFIGURABLE mode and return to ON mode by pressing the blue button on the beacon once so that you see a SINGLE GREEN FLASH

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