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Monitor Exchange Instructions

How to exchange a TSS monitor

Overview: The purpose of this document is to provide details instructions on how to swap out a Table Service Solution (TSS) monitor onsite. In certain support situations, it is required at times for the monitor to be exchanged with a new one due to either hardware and/or software reasons. The exchange process is a simple 10-minute process that can be performed by the restaurant manager on duty. Please follow the seven easy steps noted below.


Step 1: Remove the four screws (see picture below, red arrows), attaching the monitor to the monitor mount.

Step 2: Remove the connection cover, if available, on the monitor (see picture below, green arrow).


Step 3: Unplug the ethernet cable and power cord (see picture below, red arrows).


Step 4: Open up the new monitor box. Connect the power cord* and Ethernet cable. *Be sure to use the new power cord supplied with the new monitor.

Step 5: Replace the connection cover, if available.
Step 6: Reattach the monitor to the monitor mount with provided screws.

Step 7: Place both the old monitor and its power cord in the box available from the new monitor, affix the provided FedEx return label, and drop off at any local FedEx location (free of cost) to Radius Networks. The device must be shipped FedEx in order for Radius Networks to cover the cost -- local postal service not available.

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