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Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally! We use Federal Express for all of our international shipments. (As of Jan. 2015).


In order to guarantee on-time shipments:

* ALL international orders must have both an email address and phone number.

* International address verification is not available. Therefore we can only ship to the address that is requested with your order. We are not responsible for incorrect address submissions.

* Custom fees and taxes vary by country. Recipient is responsible for all associated fees.

* If you have a shipping account that you would prefer for us to use, please contact us directly. Sales@RadiusNetworks.com.


All of our products are shipped in a non-powered state.


Following are the H.S. Codes for our products:

RadBeacons - 8471.20

USB Power Adaptors - 3926.90

Mounting Screws - 7318.00

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