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How do I scan for nearby beacons?

First, make sure that your beacon is in a configurable state. See the article at the following link for details on how this is accomplished for different beacon hardware models.

 How do I put beacons into configurable mode?

Scan for nearby configurable RadBeacon proximity beacons by swiping down on the beacon table. Each beacon discovered is displayed with the following attributes:

  •  Device Name
  •  Device Model
  •  Device ID

Show below is an example of the iOS RadBeacon App while in the process of scanning for nearby beacons.


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    Rayne Woo

    Mac running iOS 10.9.3 with bluetooth turned on with Beacons USB plugged in. However, the RadBeacon config app downloaded on my iPad with bluetooth turned on does not recognize any RadBeacons during the scan. Please advise.

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    I can no longer get my beacon to show up when I'm on the app. Bluetooth is on, device is on and configurable mode.

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