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How do I configure the identifiers for a RadBeacon Tag?

RadBeacon Tag is over-the-air configurable using the RadBeacon App for iOS. In addition to full control over the beacon advertisement data configuration, the transmit power and advertising rate are adjustable to suit a wide variety of deployment scenarios.

Download the RadBeacon Config App from the iTunes App Store

With the RadBeacon app you can scan for nearby configurable RadBeacon proximity beacons, display their operating settings and make modifications to those settings. Configuration of beacons requires a four (4) digit PIN. The factory default PIN is ‘0000.’ It is highly recommended that you make a priority changing the PIN for your RadBeacon device.


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    Rayne Woo

    I downloaded the RadBeacon Config App and tried to scan for configurable beacon but the app didn't recognize the USB beacon plugged into my Mac running iOS 10.9.3. Is there a setup guide that I can follow step by step?

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    Mark Laramee

    I am being prompted for an 8 digit pin (00000000 was successful). This article would be a lot more helpful if it explained how to change the pin or had a link to that information.

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