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How do I calibrate a beacon's measured power?


It is recommended that you perform calibration using an iPhone 5S as a referenceable standard mobile device. The mobile device should be in portrait orientation and the top half of the device should be not be covered by your hand, a case, or anything else that would obstruct line-of-sight to the beacon. From the Settings view, press Calibrate and maintain the position of the mobile device 1 meter away from the being being calibrated.

Press Begin Calibration to start collecting RSSI measurements. If at least 30 valid measurements are collected then you will be prompted to copy the resulting calibration value to the Measured Power field of the beacon settings view. You must Apply the settings to update the Measured Power on the beacon device.

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    Fabian Leon

    The calibration proccess not works from my iphone 5 with iOS 8, I am near to the USB Rad beacon and the app does not get the rssi, i had to make the calibration from the Locate App.

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    Juan Carlos Yu

    Pressing calibrate from the Android app crashes the application. Any thoughts when this will be fixed?

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