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How do I put beacons into configurable mode?

The procedure for getting your beacon into configurable mode varies by the beacon model type. Follow the instructions for your beacon model as described below.


RadBeacon USB

Configurable mode can be re-initiated for RadBeacon USB beacons by removing and restoring power to the device


RadBeacon Dot

The RadBeacon Dot is equipped with a button that is accessed by pressing on the silicone cap of the unit. When the beacon is ON and advertising, press and hold for about 5 seconds until you see a double green flash. For specific details on RadBeacon Dot operating modes and how to initiate configuration mode see this article.


RadBeacon Tag

For RadBeacon Tag beacons, configurable mode is re-initiated by removing the beacon’s plastic enclosure and firmly pressing on the button found next to the coin-cell battery holder.


RadBeacon X2 & X4

In order to re-enter configurable mode for a RadBeacon X2 or RadBeacon X4, remove the front cover and switch the beacon power switch to OFF and back to ON.


Once configurable mode has been re-initiated on your RadBeacon, it will remain in configurable mode for 30 minutes or until you lock the device again.

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