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What is ScanBeacon?


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What is ScanBeacon?

ScanBeacon is like your air traffic control console for beacon deployments. With ScanBeacon, now you have the ability to discover, monitor and analyze the real-time advertisements from nearby beacons. Beacon scan results can be saved and shared with colleagues or imported into other applications. ScanBeacon is the perfect tool for people that are interested in experimenting with iBeacon technology and developing proximity mobile applications.

Using ScanBeacon

With the ScanBeacon app you can scan for nearby proximity beacons and display their advertising details using any Macintosh computer running OS X® 10.9 or higher and equipped with built-in or third party Bluetooth 4.0 support.

In the ScanBeacon application window, start scanning for beacons by clicking the ‘Start Scanning’ button. ScanBeacon will display a list of the detected beacons and their advertising details, as shown in the figure below. ScanBeacon will continuously update the list at 1 second intervals while it is actively scanning. beacons that have not transmitted an advertisement for at least 10 seconds are removed from the displayed list.

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