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RadBeacon Config for Android

Using RadBeacon Config for Android


Before you start, make sure to put the beacon in configurable mode. This is normally done by power cycling the beacon. For details see How do I reset the Configuration Window?


1. Scan for Beacons

After opening RadBeacon for Android tap "Scan" in the Action Bar. This will show you the list of beacons. Tap the beacon you want to configure.

 2. Edit the settings

Edit any setting you wish to update.

3. Apply


Tap the "Apply" button in the action bar. This will prompt you for the PIN. The default pin is all zeros. Enter the pin and tap the "Apply" button.

 4. Saved Settings

If everything worked you should see the "Success" message.


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    Michael Gomez

    Need more detail, this too brief for a rookie like me.

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