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I have just received a beacon. What are the configurable values ?

The below values can be configured on your beacon, using our configuration apps.

Name: Not broadcast anywhere, just helps you keep track within RadBeacon app. 

Types: iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone UID and Eddystone URL.

UUID: iBeacon and AltBeacon Identifier. The top layer of ID. Use one UUID for as many beacons as is reasonable for your app architecture and use-case.

Major: The second layer of iBeacon/AltBeacon ID. Typically a store number or similar.

Minor: The final layer of identification. If the UUID is <company> and the Major is <store number> the Minor would be <where in store the beacon is> (e.g. 1 is the bathroom, 2 is the checkout, 3 is the entrance)

Advertisement Rate: How many times per second the beacon broadcasts it’s IDs. Apple recommends 10hz. The rate you use would depend on your particular use-case.

Transmit Power: Effectively the range. The far right is 35m on the USB, 50m on the Dot and X4. The far left is ~5m on all beacons. If you’re looking for a more variable range it’s easier to set that using our Campaign Kit, in-app logic that says “I know you see the beacon, but don’t trigger until X distance.”


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