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Director Nearby Notifications FAQ

This Knowledge Base article contains frequently asked questions regarding Radius Networks Director service with support for Google Nearby Notifications.



How do I activate my beacon for Nearby Notifications?

Go to https://director.radiusnetworks.com/nearby/activate or use our short URL https://rn-s.net/nearby

Where do I find my Activation information?

Beacons purchased preconfigured for Nearby Notifications are shipped in individual plastic bags. The activation information is included on a label attached to these individual bags. Each beacon will have a unique, one-time use, activation ID and code.

Currently this Nearby Notifications feature is available only to our enterprise customers. Contact sales@radiusnetworks.com to inquire about gaining access this feature.

Why doesn't my Activation ID and Code work?

Ensure you are entering the Activation ID exactly as written on the label (dashes in the ID are optional). The code has two fields for entering each 4-character half. Capitalization does not matter.

If you feel your code is valid but still does not work contact support@radiusnetworks.com. To speed up the support process please attach a photo of the activation label when you contact support.

Can I share my Activation ID and Code with a co-worker?


Activation IDs and codes are one-time use. Once used they are associated with your user account only.

If you and another person both need the ability to modify the notifications for the same beacon contact support@radiusnetworks.com requesting an additional activation code. For security reasons these requests must come from either the email account which purchased the beacon or for which the beacon is currently activated.


Why don't I see a "Nearby Notifications" link when I sign into Director?

Only those customers who have activated a beacon preconfigured for Nearby Notifications will see this link. For more information on activation see "How do I activate my beacon for Nearby Notifications" above.

Currently this Nearby Notifications feature is available only to our enterprise customers. Contact sales@radiusnetworks.com to inquire about gaining access this feature.

How long does it take for my message to change after I update it?

It will happen within a few minutes.

How can I confirm that my notification is working?

First, turn on the beacon by pressing the center of the RadBeacon Dot (green light will blink) or plugging in the RadBeacon USB. Within a few minutes of turning on or plugging in the beacons, they should start broadcasting. To test the beacons on an Android device, go to Settings > Google > Nearby. Unfortunately there is not a way to test using an iOS device.

Why am I not seeing a notification when I try to test?

First, ensure that your beacon is on. Due to Google’s proprietary algorithm, we cannot predict exactly who will get the message and who will not. Nearby Notifications will be received by most nearby phones, some on the lock screen, and some in the notification bar.

Requirements for receiving Nearby Notifications include:

  • Device is running Android 4.4 or newer
  • Bluetooth and Location services are enabled
  • Nearby notifications have not been actively disabled on the device
  • The Nearby message and URL abide by Google's Nearby Notification content policy

If you still cannot see your notification please consult Google's Nearby support guide.

How can I turn off a notification?

Unplug the RadBeacon USB, or press the center of the Radbeacon Dot to turn the beacon off and stop broadcasting.

Can I have multiple notifications for the same beacon?

Each beacon may have only one message attached to it.

How can I update the image in my notification?

Google's Nearby Notification implemention uses the favicon image for the website at the notification URL.

How can I tell how many times my notification has been seen or clicked?

Google's Nearby Notification support does not provide information on how many times the notification has been seen or clicked.

How can I get more clicks?

Make sure your message is clear, direct, and relevant to the broadcast location/event with discounts, loyalty programs, and special offers. Avoid general promotional content that is not relative to the location/event.


How do I turn my beacon on/off?

The RadBeacon Dot can be turned on by pressing the center of the beacon. A green light will blink indicating it is on. To turn the RadBeacon Dot off press the center of the beacon again; this time a red light will blink indicating it is off. More detailed information about the RadBeacon Dot states is available in the following Knowledge Base article: How does the button on the RadBeacon Dot function?

The RadBeacon USB can be turned on by plugging it in. To turn the RadBeacon USB off unplug it.

For further details about other types of beacons see: How do I turn on/off my beacon?

How long does the battery for the RadBeacon Dot last?

The batteries last anywhere from 1 to 12 months, depending on the advertising rate. To conserve battery on the RadBeacon Dot, turn the device off when not in use by pressing the center (red light will blink).

Where can I get new batteries?

You can get a CR2032 coin-cell battery at most retail outlets where they sell batteries. They can be purchased in bulk on Amazon.

How can I correctly change the batteries?

You can pop open the RadBeacon Dot, remove the battery, and place a new battery in its place.

How can I buy more beacons?

Go to https://store.radiusnetworks.com and place your order.

Can I send Nearby Notifications and utilize Physical Web at the same time?

Technically you can do both, but Google is phasing out Physical Web so we would not recommend using it.

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